DCL Pics - Cruise Wallpapers for Disney App Reviews

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Forget it

I guess I didn't read the reviews before I got this app or I would have known. It's literally 13 pics of scenes from the Fantasy. Sure they're nice pics, but you could Google for better free wallpaper faster than you read this review.

Waste of Money

The charge you for an app that has seven pictures, no update and it's constantly asking you to rate it. Don't waste your money.

Waste of money and time

There are so few pictures and no updates in years. So disappointed.


There are so few pics here, and none of them are outstanding or very special. I could share hundreds of better DCL pics than these. This is the only app I've ever purchased that I've been extremely disappointed with. It's not worth any money...don't bother.

Love DCL

Have already saved a few pics to use as wallpaper. Great app


Love the pics that are available but I want more. This could be an amazing app if continuous pics were added. Maybe add on some people who can add pics.

No updates

There are very few pictures and it bugs me once a week that it has not been opened. No new pictures have been added since I got it. May 16 - It keeps bugging me to review it, even though I already have. I will be deleting this today. Still no updates. This app is totally worthless.

Not enough content

Almost nothing in this for the money


My family and I have been on four DCL cruises and this app intrigued me as it has some great photos of our favorite scenes while cruising. I get many friends and coworkers to admire them and it usually starts the conversation on why we choose DCL. This app is a great reminder of where we have been and it starts us thinking about planning our next cruise.

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